Reply To: Vertical Jump Bible (July 2019)


    24 Sept

    CMJ – 58.5cm / 23″

    A quick tester at what would be the start of week 9.

    30 Sept

    CMJ 58cm, Run Vert 63.5cm / 25″

    I started with a running vert of 23″ and didn’t feel entirely fresh here, it was more of a primer before the main test.

    2 Oct

    CMJ 61cm / 24″
    Run Vert 68cm / 26.75″

    I set my hoop at this height and hoped I could touch it, if I’d gone higher I would work out how clear my fingers were over the rim. As it happened I grazed it with a fingertip, meaning that my results from Vertical Jump Bible are as follows:

    Counter-movement Jump gain: 2.4″ / 6.1cm
    Running Jump gain: 3.75″ / 9.5cm

    My results & review video is up on my channel, this felt like a more intelligent program design than Vert Shock and one I’d happily repeat. I’m taking the rest of the week off then rolling straight into a 10 week program called Jump Science 2.0, which costs $37 and looks very promising.