Reply To: 2019 Training Log


    15 July

    Hiking – 15km, 800m elevation gain

    16 July

    Hiking – 16.6km, 1180m elevation gain

    17 July

    Hiking – 20.7km, 1000m elevatino gain

    18 July

    Hiking – 22km, 1390m elevation gain

    19 July

    Hiking – 25.2km, 1520m elevation gain

    I was in the Tatra mountains in southern Poland with my wife. The first two days carrying 10kg pack, then other 3 days about 8kg pack. It included Kozi Wierch and Swinica for those familiar with the range, setting off from Zakopane or Koznice each morning.

    I did 20 push ups one of the days but otherwise not a lot for the upper body, some of the steep sections did have chains and I was using my arms for those.