Vegan Diet

The vegan diet centres around the avoidance of all animal products, including food derived from an animal such as milk and eggs. Veganism itself extends to a philosophy that animals should not be used as commodities and includes avoiding products that have been animal tested or have harmed animals during production. Diet “Rules” The Vegan diet looks simple on the …

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Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is named after the Paleolithic era, covering the existence of man up until the last ~12,000 years. Also referred to as the “Caveman Diet” the concept is to eat foods that would have been available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Diet “Rules” The Paleo diet is a typical ‘exclusion’ diet where a list of foods are seen as …

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The Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet involves eating only animal products and nothing else, making it the polar opposite of the vegan diet. Its popularity stemmed from a high profile advocate of the diet, Jordan Peterson, who discussed it on The Joe Rogan Experience in July 2018 (clip below). Diet “Rules” Your sources of food should be meat, dairy and fish.To ensure sufficient …

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The Ketogenic Diet

ketogenic diet

The Ketogenic Diet rose to popularity in 2016 and was one of the most searched for diets on the internet in 2018. It involves severely restricting carbohydrate which triggers the body to produce ketones. The Ketogenic Diet was the most searched for diet on Google in 2018 Diet “Rules” This diet centres around a low carbohydrate intake, limiting it to …

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The Longevity Diet

dr valter longo phd fasting mimicking book review

The Longevity Diet is from a book by the same name, written by Dr Valter Longo, with (you guessed it!) a focus on maximising longevity. The Diet “Rules” There are a lot of parallels to the Mediterranean Diet, and here are some of the main points: No Red or White Meat. Pescetarian. That means fish is allowed, but limited to …

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If It Fits Your Macros Diet (IIFYM)

This is one of the simplest diets to follow, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It’s often used by people who have a basic understanding of nutrition and tend to eat well, but like to maintain some flexibility. That’s why the I.I.F.Y.M. diet is also referred to as “Flexible Dieting”. Diet “Rules” This diet centres around …

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