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Rowing Workout For Fat Loss

rowing workout for fat loss

For those of you with access to a rowing machine, here’s a very Basic Rowing Workout for Fat Loss and improved Fitness. Warm up Before you start it’s a good idea to warm up. Simply rowing at a relaxed pace for 500-1000 metres should be fine. Rowing Workout The workout is split up into 10 rounds of 1 minute intervals. ... Read More »

5/3/1 Calculator

5/3/1 calculator

I’ve pasted these files as not everyone has access to Excel and knows how to write the formulae in each row. Instead of a 5/3/1 calculator I have simply reproduced everything from 20kg up to 215kg and taken screenshots. The numbers are rounded to the nearest 2.5kg. 17.5kg to 40kg 42.5kg to 65kg 67.5kg to 90kg 92.5kg to 115kg 117.5kg ... Read More »

Couch To 5k (Beginner Running)

If you need a Beginner Running Program, this routine is perfect. It starts off with interval running, meaning you take regular breaks in order to reach your total distance. A lot of people under-estimate how tough it is to run at a steady pace, and so get disheartened and quit. This program starts off really slowly, and by week 7 ... Read More »

StrongLifts 5 x 5

Another very popular bodybuilding/strength routine is called StrongLifts 5 x 5, which as you guessed it, involves doing 5 sets of 5 reps. The article can be found here. As with all good workout programs, it centres around Five Big Lifts. Back Squat – Bench Press – Deadlift – Overhead Press – Barbell Row This is a very basic yet ... Read More »

Westside For Skinny Bastards (WS4SB)

The “Westside” Template is by Joe DeFranco and can be found here. It is a three day layout, which is low because this template was for ATHLETES. By that I mean they have sport specific training and conditioning sessions several times a week, so three lifting sessions is plenty. The basic setup is below, but obviously you are free to ... Read More »

Wendler’s 5/3/1

5/3/1 calculator

The Program I don’t want to immediately send you away from the page but to see the original workout Click Here. The workouts revolve around Four Key Lifts: The Back Squat, The Deadlift, The Bench Press and The Overhead Press. Beyond that I personally recommend Four Assistance Lifts: Back Squat, Romanian Deadlifts, Bent Over Row and Chin Ups/Pull Ups. You ... Read More »

60 Day Training Plan For Bigger Arms – Sessions

60 day training for bigger arms

In the last few months I wrote articles on getting bigger biceps, bigger triceps and a bigger chest. I thought the next step would be to apply my knowledge to a 60 day training plan and see what results I could achieve. My Training Split Monday – Legs Tuesday – Chest & Triceps Wednesday – Rest or Cardio Thursday – ... Read More »

60 Day Training Plan For Bigger Arms – 60 Day Food Journal

Hey Guys, This is a two month journal I did to document my size gains from arm training. I used the training principles discussed here to create the plan and my diet was loosely based on targets identified here.   Things You Will Notice My diet contains a lot of the same foods each week. Once you find healthy foods ... Read More »