Motivational Wall Calendar 2018


This is an A3 Motivational Wall Calendar for 2018. It is a high quality professional print, consisting of A4 pages linked by a ring binder. Each page has a high definition photograph and quote, complete with space to write your goals. The box format will help you keep track of your success.




These are high quality professionally printed calendars with only 50 being made.

For those of you looking to form a new habit or break a bad one next year then check out our Motivational Calendar (UK customers only).

This is designed for those looking to improve themselves in 2018. Each month has a motivational image, space to track monthly goals and more motivation at the base of the page.

We’ve also chosen the design to make it easy to mark off each day you achieve your goal, as that’s said to dramatically increase your chances of success.


-A3 Wall Calendar – each sheet is A4 separated by a ring binder.

-High quality image complete with a slogan.

-Below the image is space to write your Monthly Goals and Action Points you’ll take to reach them.

-At the base of the calendar page is a short paragraph offering additional motivation every month.

-The Box format has proven to increase adherence to a goal if you tick or cross the days off as you succeed.

Below you’ll see the design for 2018 and my 100% Positive Feedback from the 2017 calendar.

2018 Calendar Design

Below you can see the photograph used for each month as well as the page design.

motivational calendar 2018 new years resolutions goals wall


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