60 Day Training Plan For Bigger Arms – Sessions

60 day training for bigger arms

In the last few months I wrote articles on getting bigger biceps, bigger triceps and a bigger chest. I thought the next step would be to apply my knowledge to a 60 day training plan and see what results I could achieve. My Training Split Monday – Legs Tuesday – Chest & Triceps Wednesday – Rest or Cardio Thursday – ... Read More »

The Basics Of Carb Cycling

Read on to find out How Carb Cycling Works and How It Can Benefit You. What Is Carb Cycling? Carbohydrate (Carb) Cycling is proven to be an effective way to either improve fat loss, or to limit fat gain while trying to build muscle. Your carbohydrates are the breads, pasta, grains and fruits in your diet. The main concept is ... Read More »

Flat DB Bench Press, DB Flyes, Cable Crossover, Low Cable Flyes

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press Elbows come out to 45 degrees relative to the body. Can be limited by how much weight you can get into position. Good for middle rep ranges of 8-12 reps. Keep the shoulders back.   Dumbbell Flyes This hits the Sternocostal Head. Keep a slight bend in the elbows. Try to lower in a wide arc, ... Read More »

Clap Push-ups, Narrow Push-ups, Around The Worlds, Chest Dips

Clap/Plyo Push-ups Don’t worry about full extension of the arms. These are explosive and a great warm-up exercise for chest day. The ‘clap’ itself is not necessary – you can just make sure the hands leave the ground. Try 2-3 sets of  8 reps before your main workout to activate your chest muscles.   Narrow Push-ups Chest activation is NOT ... Read More »

The Complete Guide To Training Your Chest – Short Version

Start with Page 1 if you need Basic Anatomy, Chest Exercises, Articles and Videos. Key Rules For Chest Training Up to 120 reps of Chest work per week Start heavy, even doing a heavy single for CNS activation before your main set of bench press Try to split 50/50 between Upper chest and Mid/Lower chest work If you’re training chest, ... Read More »

Close Grip Bench Press, 3/4 Range Bench Press, Incline Chest Press

Close Grip Bench Press Close Grip Bench Press hits the Clavicular Head. Keep the elbows tucked in. Lower it slowly under control. Try a pause at the bottom of the movement.     3/4 Range of Motion Bench Press Regular hand width, a little more than shoulder width. Extend the arms but don’t lock out the elbows. Elbows don’t need ... Read More »

Cable Overhead Tricep Extension, Dip Machine

Cable Overhead Tricep Extension (Rope) This emphasises the Long and Medial Heads of the Triceps. Set the Cable around waist height to allow for overhead extension. Push the hands away at the top for a stronger contraction. You can also do single arm version.     Dip Machine The dip machine hits All Three Heads of the tricep. Make sure ... Read More »

Dumbbell Kickback, Cable Kickback, Cable Pushdown (Two Grips)

Dumbbell Kickback The dumbbell kickback hits the Lateral Head of the triceps. Full extension is important, so don’t go too heavy. To increase the contraction, hold at full extension for 1 second. Keep the elbow high for all reps. If you have access to a cable machine, that is a better alternative. Cable Kickback This hits the Lateral Head of ... Read More »

Close Grip Bench Press, Skull Crushers, Bench Dips, Bar Dips

Close Grip Bench Press Have the elbows OUT to hit the Lateral Head. Keep the elbows IN to hit the Medial/Long Heads. Straighten the arms each rep to hit the tricep fully. Lower it slowly under control. Try a pause at the bottom of the movement. Skull Crushers This works All Three Tricep Heads. Lower it behind the head for ... Read More »