Becoming A Supple Leopard – Book Review

supple leopard kelly starrett

This is both an Operating Manual and a Troubleshooting Guide for the human body. I CANNOT recommend this book highly enough and I can’t believe I didn’t purchase it when it first came out. Kelly Starrett is the founder of MobilityWOD, for those of you not familiar with CrossFit the WOD stands for “Workout Of the Day”. Originally posting some ...
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Mindless Eating – Book Review

mindless eating brian wnasink

Has your weight slowly crept up over the last few months and years? Would you know if you had eaten 100 calories too many today? How about 100 calories too few? Brian Wansink is a PhD researcher who has set up hundreds of studies to determine our eating habits. He reveals some very worrying trends about how the environment around ...
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Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin D Supplements

should i take vitamin d supplements

What Is Vitamin D? Commonly called “The Sunshine Vitamin”, Vitamin D is something your body can produce from exposure to sunlight. It helps your body to use calcium in order to build strong bones.  It’s also responsible for supporting your immune system. It’s estimated that 1 in 33 cases of the common cold would be prevented in the UK if ...
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Bigger Leaner Stronger – Book Review

bigger leaner stronger michael matthews

If you are new to lifting weights and eating well then I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This is EXACTLY what you need to do to gain muscle. For the advanced trainers – you won’t learn much you don’t already know. However, laying it out in such a practical way might highlight a part of your regime that’s fallen off track. It has ...
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Unhappy At Work? 12 Questions To Ask Yourself

unhappy at work

Are you unhappy at work? Here are 12 Yes/No Questions to ask yourself about your current role. The following questions are taken from a Management Book [1] by Marcus Buckingham. The more Yes answers you give, the happier and more valued you should feel at work. Questions 1-6 are particularly important for a positive work environment and a sense of ...
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Rowing Workout For Fat Loss

rowing workout for fat loss

For those of you with access to a rowing machine, here’s a very Basic Rowing Workout for Fat Loss and improved Fitness. Warm up Before you start it’s a good idea to warm up. Simply rowing at a relaxed pace for 500-1000 metres should be fine. Rowing Workout The workout is split up into 10 rounds of 1 minute intervals. ...
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