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McDonalds – Nutrition Information and Calories

McDonalds – Nutrition Information and Calories

Below you will find  a set of tables that include every menu item available at this restaurant. I find that certain restaurants freely publish PDF’s but then make them hard to read to avoid showing you what’s in their food. I’ve taken the liberty of creating a Traffic Light System (Green = 0-30% RDA, Yellow =31-60% RDA and so on…).

This has three functions:

1. You can see at a glance how healthy a restaurant is.

2. You can spot high sugar/fat categories such as the sugar in drinks menu’s

3. When selecting an individual item e.g. a sandwich, you can see how it compares to other choices.

I really hope you find it useful, I want to tidy the format further but it’s nice to have the information out there first. Please share it around!

McDonald’s – Breakfast Items

McDonalds - Breakfast nutritional information

McDonald’s – Beefburgers

McDonalds - Beefburgers nutritional information

McDonald’s – Chicken & Chicken Burgers

McDonalds - Chicken burger nutritional information

McDonald’s – Fish

McDonalds - Fish nutritional information

McDonald’s – Sandwiches & Wraps
McDonalds - Sandwiches & Wraps nutritional information
McDonald’s – Sides & Salads

McDonalds - Sides nutritional information

McDonalds - Salads nutritional information

McDonald’s – Drinks

McDonalds - Drinks nutritional information

McDonald’s – Desserts & Treats

McDonalds - Desserts & Treats nutritional information

McDonald’s – Dips

McDonalds - Dips nutritional information

McDonald’s – Happy Meals (colour code is for an Adult Male)

McDonalds - Happy Meal nutritional information

The Key

The colour coding used in these tables is similar to the Traffic Light System recently introduced in some stores.

It goes beyond Sugar and Fat with further breakdowns including Protein, Saturated Fat and Total Calories.

These are GUIDELINES only.

The “100%” is based off an Adult Male 2205 calorie diet.

nutritional information

Information correct as of Feb 2014