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Low Carb Recipes at Muscle and Strength

There’s a great selection of Low Carb recipes over at MuscleandStrength.com

Carbohydrates are your fuel, and our brain alone uses over 100 grams of carbohydrate a day. If you are planning to follow a low carb diet it’s important to remember this. If you were to follow a Ketogenic Diet (very high fat) then it would actually benefit you to go below 50 grams of carbs per day. That’s because under that threshold the body produces ketones, which your brain can use instead of glucose as a fuel source. Bear in mind if your diet is above 50 grams of carbs but below 100 grams, you’re getting the worst of both worlds. Not only are you failing to feed your brain (leading to brain fog and memory loss) but you aren’t low enough on carbs to create ketones.

The recipes below only claim to contain low carbohydrate, they are not necessarily healthy. It’s important not to associate “Low carb” or “low fat” with healthy, it’s simply a statement relating to macro-nutrient content.

If you are interesting in the Ketogenic Diet I highly recommend reading Low Carb Performance by Jeff Volek.

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