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Interesting Articles Across The Internet

My intention with this website is to further your knowledge and understanding of a topic.

Rather than reproduce information that is already on the internet, i’ve linked to existing articles which I hope you find interesting.

James covers the idea that goal setting can sometimes be counter productive. It can give you the mindset of “I’m not good enough yet, but I will be when I reach my goal”. This has negative connotations and is not the best approach.¬† His focus is on process goals not outcome goals. An outcome goal is running a marathon in a certain time, a process goal is doing your best in training every day. By focusing on the process you also avoid the trap of a sudden loss of motivation once you’ve reached your goal.

This is one of my favourite TED Talks. Best summed up by the saying “Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The speaker¬†discusses our fear of being wrong, which in turn kills everyone’s creative capacity.

A simple but effective insight into six occasions when you may overlook the need to say thank you. The one i’m most guilty of is “sorry i’m late” rather than “..and thanks for waiting for me”, acknowledging they had to give up their time for you.

Dr Yusuf also discusses the role of Salt intake as well as Fruit and Vegetables. The main points are that saturated fat in moderate quantities is not a health concern, while excess carbohydrate is linked to increases in Cardiovascular Disease. He also notes that MUFA’s (Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids) like those found in Avocado, has a protective effect on the heart.

A 20 minute documentary about the journey of Jesse Shand, a severely obese man who hadn’t left his house in years. At 700lbs he was unable to shower for over a year due to his size. After looking to ‘troll’ bodybuilders on a Forum he ended up finding the help he needed. He shared his pictures and was met by over 50 users telling him he could change his life and lose the weight. They told him what to eat and what simple movements would burn calories They asked for his address and dropped care packages with food and exercise equipment. This changed his life as he lost over HALF his body-weight over the following years.

Sometimes you find a video you were planning to do but it covers it all for you. This is Jordan Syatt, who explains in 3 minutes why there is NEVER any use in buying and Herbal Detoxes or magical Teas. Your body is pretty sophisticated already, and if you have a functioning Liver then that already has the job of detoxing the body of damaging chemicals. These industries are purely after your MONEY, and the last thing they care about is how DISHONEST they are being to you.

I cannot rate this podcast highly enough. Ben Greenfield’s guest is Craig Ballantyne, Author of “How To Own the Day and Control Your Life”. He outlines some excellent tips about productivity in your day, assessing who you hang around with, how you set aside time and some great sleep tips. By using his 5 pillar method he has helped countless people take back their day and achieve success in areas they were previously struggling. His top tip would be to wake up 15 minutes early one day and, using a pen and paper, outline what your number one goal or priority is in life and how you could go about achieving that.

An excellent video series, somewhat off topic from fitness and strength, but entertaining nonetheless. Over a total of 42 episodes the host (with help from animation) runs you through all of human history. Each episode is around 11 minutes long and spans across the last 15,000 years.

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