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Grip Strength Challenge

Have a go at my Grip Strength Challenge to see where you rank.

The Rules are Simple:

  • Hang from a bar (double overhand grip), supporting either another person or at least 50kg in plates
  • The clock STARTS when your feet are off the ground and STOPS when any part of you touches the floor
  • No Straps!

It’s important that you remain “active” in the hanging position, so don’t shut your shoulder and back muscles off completely.

This is a decent Grip Test and i decided to try it out as part of my wider Forearm Training.

Upload your efforts to social media and either tag it with #griptest9to5 or tag me @9to5strength

Current Leaderboard (12 Apr 2017):

1st – Fraser (9to5strength) 9 seconds with 137kg

2nd – ?

3rd – ?