Welcome to Our Forums!

This has been officially launched on 2nd August 2017. The plan is to develop a lifting community who help new users with their exercise goals and offer advice to those who need it. Right now i’m keeping track of my own training so you can see what I do, and soon I hope others will join me in keeping a training log on this site.


If you are a beginner:

1. Start a topic (this will be where you log your training).

2. In the first post state your height, weight and goals.

3. Start recording your exercise regime.

You don’t have to lift weights, perhaps you want to record running, cycling or any other activities. You are also free to record your food intake which might also help fellow lifters point out improvements to be made. If you need advice just post questions in your own training log or the main FAQ section of the site.

If you already lift regularly: Please consider this a simple place to record your training. I’m developing some cool features for experienced lifters but they won’t be up and running straight away, so bear with me.

All the best, Fezz