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All Chest Exercises

On this page we provide links to all 16 of our favourite chest exercises. Whether you want to hit the upper, lower or mid-chest, these exercises guarantee a full description of the movement and tips on when to place them in your workout. Warm Up The chest exercises below are excellent for warming up before a chest workout. The explosive …

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All Tricep Exercises

tricep exercises

Below i’ve listed 19 of the Best Tricep Exercises to hit the muscle from every angle. There are Tricep exercises for specifically targeting the Lateral Head, Medial Head or Long Head. If you want more bang for your buck, pick ones that hit all three heads. Lateral Head These tricep exercises target the Lateral Head, which runs across the upper …

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All Bicep Exercises

best bicep exercises bigger arms

  Here I outline the 14 best bicep exercises for building serious guns. Whether you want to specifically target the short head, long head or brachialis, these moves will add overall shape to your upper arms and most importantly – size! Short Head These bicep exercises target the Short Head, which is found on the inside of the upper arm. …

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Barbell Curl, Standing DB Curl, DB Hammer Curl, Reverse Curl

bicep exercises

Barbell Curl Use a wider grip to hit the Short Head of the bicep and a narrow grip to hit the Long Head. Don’t use a weight so heavy you have to rock your body backwards to lift it up. Make sure you fully extend the arms at the bottom of the movement. Don’t rush! Try two seconds to come …

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Weightlifting Basics For New Lifters

Hey Guys, this page gives a quick explanation of some of the terminology you might come across in a training article and may not understand. Terminology For those new to lifting, a few terms coming up might be confusing. Below you’ll find images of an EZ-Curl Bar, Barbell, and Dumbbell. Sets and Reps A “rep” is a repetition, which is …

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