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Book 9 – Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

I’m caught in two minds here. The book covers all the basic principles, but having read a similar book prior to this, there was almost no new content. If you want one book for muscle gain and fat loss, read Bigger Leaner Stronger. What this book does cover in more detail is the macro-nutrients and strategies for eating the right foods. There are Four Principles: Mentality, Nutrition, Cardio and Weight Training, which are each covered well, but at a very beginner level.

Book nine is …

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto


PRO TIP: Take notes! When you read a book, use a blank sheet of paper as a bookmark and write down any interesting facts and information from the book. You won’t remember everything a year from now, so this condenses a whole book into 3-4 pages of key notes that are important to you.

Some of my notes:

  • Every failed low calorie diet leaves you FATTER, because when you return to your original weight you will have lost muscle, therefore have a higher % body fat.
  • Instead of leaving a void by removing a bad habit, start a good habit that will force it out.
  • Individual differences in BMR, Number of Fat Cells and Carb Tolerance determine the ease/difficulty with which they lose weight. Genertics play a big role too.
  • Body types can be classified as Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph.
  • Avoid negative thoguhts as they become self-fulfilling. e.g. I’ll never lose weight
  • Train for muscle gain or for fat loss, not both.
  • Find an emotional reason to fix to your goals.
  • Good tips on Goal Setting (Page 98)
  • Use visualisation or a picture of desired physique you want.
  • Eat 25g+ Protein at every meal, don’t go above 45g too often
  • Macros should be roughly 30% Protein, 50% Carbs, 20% Fat
  • Switching from predominantly carbs as fuel to fat is known as “bonking”
  • Eat 25-30g Protein on Pre- and Post-workout meals
  • “Terrible 12” Foods: Chips and other Deep Fried Foods, Ice Cream/Milkshakes, Doughnuts and Pastries,  Sweets, Sugary Drinks, Energy Drinks, White Bread & White Flour products, Crisps & Tortilla Chips, Bacon, Sausage and Processed Meats, Hot Dogs and Fast-Food Burgers, Pizza with Thick Crust and Sugary Breakfast Cereals.
  • “Terrific 12” Foods: Whole Fresh Fruit, Vegetables (Fibrous), Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Oats, Brown Rice, Lentils & Pulses, Whole Wheat/Whole Grains, Low or Fat-Free Dairy Products, Chicken and Turkey Breast, Eggs and Lean Cuts of Red Meat.
  • Page 214-215 is a pretty complete list of the best foods to eat (If you want to read it, Buy The Book!)
  • Cardio 3-4x a week is good for maintenance, and 5-7x a week for fat loss
  • Make cardio sessions 30-45 mins, possibly shorter if high intensity