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9to5strength.com was made as a resource for helping people get in shape, and while we have spent countless hours learning/reading about and practicing weight training, there’s no reason to write it all down when there are sites with endless amounts of information.

One of the best sites around for those looking to build muscle, train for a sport, get stronger, shed fat or improve their fitness is Bodybuilding.com.

For workouts, head over to Find A Plan to see a range of workouts you can follow based on your experience and goals.

Below are a selection of plans they have available, check them out and see what suits you.

CAUTION: These sites make money from selling supplements. If a workout program or diet plan makes claims about a certain supplement or insists you buy it, it is likely exaggerated. There are only a few supplements you need to consider, and these will be listed in out nutrition section.

7day trainer30 day plan


21 day plan