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Seated Cable Row, Inverted Row, Power Shrug, Lat Pulldown, Back Extension

close grip seated cable row technique

Seated Cable Row

This hits Rhomboids, Lower/Mid Traps and Lats.

Keep your scapula depressed as best you can during the movement.

Keep elbows in and pull to mid-torso.

Squeeze shoulder blades together and briefly pause before returning to start.


inverted row techniqueInverted Row

Set the bar slightly higher than arm length, to allow torso to be off the ground at the bottom of the movement.

Arms should not be vertical, shift the bar over your lower chest.

Keeping a straight line from shoulder to heel, pull your lower chest into the bar.

Elbows at 45 degrees to the body.


power shrug techniquePower Shrugs

Set the bar up at mid-thigh on the pins, with a wider than shoulder width grip.

Allow scapula to fully depress prior to the move.

Using some momentum, pull the bar into the ‘shrug’ position, hold one second, and lower.

This allows more weight than a conventional shrug and is actually safer for your levator scapulae.

The move can also be done with heavy dumbbells.

close grip lat pulldown techniqueClose Grip Lat Pulldown

Keep elbows and arms tight to the body.

Pull the handle down to middle chest.

Upright (seen) for middle back development.

Slight backwards lean for Lower Lat thickness.

Don’t use momentum.

back extension techniqueBack Extension

This hits your Erector Spinae.

Feet locked in place, hips slightly above the bad.

Keeping a neutral spine and tight core, lower to 90 degrees at the hip and return to 180 degrees.

You can load this by hugging a weighted plate.

Slow and controlled movement.