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Deadlift, Lat Pulldown, Bent Over Row, Pull Ups

The Exercises

how to deadlift technique

Conventional Deadlift

This hits your Posterior Chain.

Keep a flat back, lats tight and arms vertical.

The bar should be close if not touching shins at the bottom of the lift.

Brace your abs and lift the bar, keeping head neutral and the bar over the middle of your feet.

Brush the thighs as you lower, pushing the hips back, and lower vertically once below the knee.

lat pulldown technique

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns

“Lat” stands for Latissimus Dorsi, the prime mover in this exercise.

Tuck the chin so the bar can travel vertically down to the V of your neck.

Think of the hands as hooks, the elbows are driving down and the back comes together.

Don’t lean back excessively or use momentum.



barbell bent over row technique

Barbell Bent Over Row

These hit your Lats and Rhomboids.

Overhand or Underhand Grip offer slightly different targeting.

Shoulder width stance, neutral spine and a decent forward lean.

Pull to the base of the rib cage and lower under control.

wide grip pull ups techniqueWide-Grip Pull Ups

Similar to the Lat Pulldown, this will hit your Lats, as well as Mid-Traps and Teres muscles.

Depress the Scapula.

Think of bringing elbows towards your sides.

Great tutorial video here.


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