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Alternative To Whey Protein (Cheaper Too!!)

Here’s an Alternative to Whey Protein Powder for those guys and girls who can’t handle it (or are vegan!).

Vegan Protein Powder – The Alternative To Whey

I’m not Vegan. I did however make it a mission at the end of 2015 to make a greater percentage of my diet Vegan. The hardest macro-nutrient to do that with is Protein. Here I am 17 months later and there is NO DIFFERENCE in my rate of muscle growth from giving up the Whey.

I looked into a few options; Soy (nope!), Hemp (not as good) and finally ended up reading about Pea Protein.

It’s maybe 90% comparable to whey, and that extra 10% is missing due to the amino acid profile (how much of each amino acid it has). A FIX for that is to introduce Brown Rice Protein and mix the two, and voila!

There is a certain ratio, and that is TWO parts Pea Protein to ONE part Rice Protein.

Personally I but a bag of Pea Protein (from Bulk Powders) and a bag of Rice Protein half the size, then mix them up in the 2:1 ratio in Tupperware.

If you STILL think you might get stomach issues, you can order Aminogen (I got mine from MyProtein) which is a digestive enzyme to make it a smoother meal to handle.

How To Make Pea Protein Taste Better

What you read a lot about in reviews is THE BAD TASTE. I was surprised by how bad it was, and this is coming from someone who used to mix Arginine in their mouth as a pre-workout when I forgot my shaker.

It is really…earthy, and has an awful gritty texture with water.

My SECOND best Mixer is Banana, but top of the pile to neutralise the taste has to be APPLES.

If it’s post-workout i’ll cut up an apple and throw it in the blender with my Vegan Protein Powder, and if it’s a morning smoothie i’ll do that but add Oats, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon.

vegan protein powder

The Price

While my bi-monthly bag of Gold Standard Whey set me back £80, I managed to get 5kg of Pea Protein Powder and 2.5kg of Brown Rice Protein Powder for just £55 from Bulk Powders. RRP was £73 but I found a discount code online. So here I am with almost a YEARS SUPPLY for ONLY £55!! Not only that, but since the taste isn’t great, I don’t find myself drinking more than I need to for the day and going overboard on my daily target for protein.

I highly recommend making the switch, if not for the taste then for the extra income.

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