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10 Harmful Sources of Sugar in Drinks

The sugar i’m talking about is sucrose, more commonly recognised as white sugar that you bake with, sprinkle on your cereal and put in your coffee or tea.

1. Cans/Bottles Of Fizzy Drinks

It’s no surprise that they contain sugar, but the quantity is frightening! A bottle of Coca-Cola contains 53 grams of sugar. If the average worker had a bottle of Coke every day at work they would be taking on 22lbs of sugar by the end of the year, enough to contribute to 11lbs of fat gain.

2. Coffee Shop Coffees

Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero. Some of this sugar is lactose, from fresh milk, but coffees including whipped cream, syrup or flavouring will have large amounts of sugar in them.

3. Smoothies And Iced Frappes

A healthy fruit smoothie contains two of your 5-a-day. Unfortunately most drinks contain more sugar than a bottle of Coke.

4. Fruit Juice

One of your 5-a-day right? Unfortunately fruit in the form of juice can lose the vital fibre that makes fruit healthy, leaving sugars that are just the same as in the other drinks on this list.

5. Fruit Squash

It is diluted with water, so it must be better than fruit juice? Wrong. The concentrated drink can be so high in sugar that the diluted form isn’t much better than a fizzy drink in terms of sugar content. A serving of concentrate can contain over five heaped teaspoons of sugar. How would you feel about putting five teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water and drinking it?

6. Sports Drinks

An elite marathon runner can utilise the sugars in a sports drink to sustain performance – trouble is most sports drinks aren’t consumed by elite runners. Children are particularly susceptible to the marketing and will want to emulate their heroes who chug down sports drinks in the adverts. Even worse are those who assume a ‘sports’ drink must be healthy and will drink it even when they aren’t exercising.

7. Energy Drinks

A preferred choice for those needing a convenient caffeine boost as well as those who simply enjoy the flavour. Red Bull has followed Monster, Relentless and Rock Star in offering the larger can size. Setting aside the issues that caffeine consumption has on weight gain, the sugar alone is similar in quantity to fizzy drinks.

8. Vitamin Water

You read this right. Vitamin Water, a product made by Coca Cola, contains over 30 grams of sugar per serving, the same as a jam doughnut. Still think companies marketing ‘health’ drinks have your best interests in mind?

9. As A Mixer

Now in an ideal world you will limit your alcohol intake to 1-2 drinks in an evening, but assuming that isn’t the case you should be watching the amount of sugar you’re taking on in the mixers. Additionally, both sugar and caffeine cause changes in energy levels and can trick your body into thinking you aren’t as drunk as you actually are, which is why things like jagerbombs (alcohol and energy drink) are banned in some countries.

10. In Your Tea Or Coffee

Do you take sugar? If you do then you could be adding pounds to your waistline without even thinking about it. A single teaspoon of sugar every day for a year adds up to 11,500 calories, which could turn itself into over 3lbs of fat – and that’s all from just one teaspoon a day! See my video for more details.

Remember that “No Added Sugar” drinks can, and probably do, contain sweeteners (Sucralose, Aspartame, Sodium Saccharin) that that could be even worse for your health than the processed sugar!

Your best option to look after yourself is plain filtered water.